A movement, not a religion. A pun, not a label. A lifestyle, not a sect.

JESISM (pronounced: Jēs-ism like Jēsus) focuses on the teachings and moral example of Jesus, as an alternative to many of today’s mainstream expressions of Christianity which focus on strict agreement around a prescribed set of creeds. The naming etymology is similar to the construction of the term Buddhism, which is based around the Buddha, and is pronounced Bood-ism. It is not a new religion, but rather a fresh movement for how we can understand and follow the teachings and example of Jesus if that is something we wish to do. It acknowledges that we really don’t need yet another “ism” in the world, and that there are plenty of good examples to follow, but it exists as a paradigm shift toward a new era of personal growth, alignment with Source, and social justice for those who may be interested.

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