A movement, not a religion. An idea, not a sect. A lifestyle, not a label.

Jesism (pronounced Jēs-ism like Jēsus) is for those who have a connection with the Jesus tradition, but who also value inclusivity, science, scholarship, and other practices, teachers, or philosophies that better inform our reality and help us live a better quality of life. It’s a paradigm that offers a liberating alternative to many of today’s mainstream expressions of Christianity, which tend to focus on strict agreement to prescribed sets of creeds and literal biblical interpretations, and are often co-opted with far right-wing politics and religious fundamentalism. The best way get quickly up to speed on Jesism is by checking out The 9 Guidelines.  If your first reaction is to think that you don’t want another label, sect, or ism, see the response to Question 4 here. To learn more about why Jesism was created, see here.

The naming etymology is similar to the construction of the term Buddhism, which is based around the Buddha, and is pronounced Bood-ism. It is a fresh movement toward how we can relate to the teachings and example of Jesus, if that is something we wish to do.

MORE ABOUT JESISM can be found at the 9 Guidelines of Jesism >>.

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