A movement, not a religion. An idea, not a sect. A lifestyle, not a label.

Jesism (pronounced Jēs-ism like Jēsus) is for those who have a connection with the Jesus tradition, but who also value inclusivity, science, scholarship, and other practices, teachers, or philosophies that better inform our reality and help us live a better quality of life. It’s a paradigm that offers a liberating alternative to many of today’s mainstream expressions of Christianity, which tend to focus on strict agreement to prescribed sets of creeds and literal biblical interpretations, and are often co-opted with far right wing politics and religious fundamentalism. The best way get quickly up to speed on it is by checking out The 9 Guidelines.  If your first reaction is to think that you don’t want another label, sect, or ism, see the response to Question 4 here.

The naming etymology is similar to the construction of the term Buddhism, which is based around the Buddha, and is pronounced Bood-ism. It is a fresh movement toward how we can relate to the teachings and example of Jesus if that is something we wish to do. It is applicable toward Christians and post-Christians alike, and does not require anyone to change or adopt a new label, only to explore a perspective.

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