The season of Advent is a time for each of us to ask ourselves, “What do I believe?” How would I word a “creed” that speaks to my heart without making my spirit cringe?

My personal statement of “Christian” principles would be something like this:

  • Ultimately, I am more concerned with being faithful than with subscribing to a prescribed set of beliefs.
  • I believe in God, the Creator of all.
  • I believe that each of us has been purposefully created, unique and diverse, reflecting and conscious of our Creator.
  • I believe in the wisdom, work, and martyrdom of the man history calls Jesus, the Messiah.
  • I believe in a peace that transcends understanding which results when people come together to care and share with others; yet, it cannot be about how we “do” church … rather, how we “are” and embody the church.
  • I believe in inclusion rather than exclusion, compassion not judgment.
  • I believe that many paths may lead to spiritual wholeness and communion with our Creator.
  • I believe in love which, indeed, can “conquer” all hurts and evils.
  • I believe that heaven and hell, sin and salvation, are more about control than revelation and sanctification.
  • I believe that, ultimately, God is to be for us a sacred mystery … hinting at quintessential harmony and eternal equilibrium.

By Bruce Joffe, author of My Name is Heretic and The Gospel According to Facebook

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