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7 “At Some Points” of Jesism

Have you ever tried to articulate your progressive / evolving / emergent reasons for remaining a follower of Jesus, without it being primarily focused around what you no longer believe? I took a shot at figuring out what still resonates.

My 7 “At Some Points” of Jesism…

1) At some point in our lives we all naturally deal with self-centeredness. We sometimes think (at least subconsciously) that the world revolves around us – and we tend to take ourselves way too seriously. But Jesus said to put others first. He said if we want to know love, we must give love to others as we would expect to be loved. He said if we want to find ourselves, we must first lose ourselves. That still resonates…

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The Greatest Miracle of Jesus

The Greatest Miracle of Jesus

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Walk w Jesus Capture

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The Goal of Jesus

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What is the Bible

What is the Bible?

This is a topic often discussed within Jesism, because once we understand what the Bible is and where it came from, we can figure out how to orient to it and how to still find the good in it. While at the same time not feeling compelled to view it as the inerrant word of God. The below except is from the blog Jesus Without Baggage and offers a good take on the subject:

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Laughing Jesus Smiling Siddheartha

Parallels of Christianity and Buddhism

Modern Christianity often ignores much of the core teachings and example of Jesus. In fact, it seems to disdain it at times. Simplicity, peace, and humility are looked at as weakness throughout much of the Christian west. But the historical words and example of Jesus revolved around finding joy, gratitude, compassion, peace, non-duality (no separation of God from us), humility, non-attachment, simplicity, and non-judgement. In other words, his main message was about experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven right here on earth. Yet not one of those virtues make it into the primary creeds of mainstream Christianity.

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You can be a follower of Jesus, and not…

Jesus Follower Background







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