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True Friendships Do Not Depend on Ignorance

For many of us, when we started to think for ourselves instead of conforming to the tribe, we lost some friendships, and even family relationships, that we thought were rock solid. Being authentic / educated / diverse is worth it though. In fact, it’s mandatory to the survival of the world. If our “friends” would prefer we remain ignorant and closed off to help them remain comfortable then they are not true friends.

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A Jesist Doesn’t Have To…



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Is Christianity Actually Taught in Churches?

This meme was recently circulating around social media, and it featured a claim by conservatives that Christianity isn’t actually taught in churches. From my perspective however, that is exactly what is taught at churches. An American brand of religion called Christianity that often has little to do with the actual teachings and example of Jesus of Nazareth.  Here’s what I mean:

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The Greatest Miracle of Jesus

The Greatest Miracle of Jesus

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Walk w Jesus Capture

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The Goal of Jesus

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Jesus cross meme god and humans

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You can be a follower of Jesus, and not…

Jesus Follower Background







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