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Jesism’s Take on Being Gay, Trans, Gender Fluid, Etc…

As Jesism has become more widespread, we’re getting more questions about our “official” stance on certain issues. One is about LGBTQ issues, since the more traditional Jesus people tend to be so conflicted on the issue. So we wanted to address that question here today, even though we try to be very limited on the “official” stances that we take as an organization. So here goes:

There is no issue as far as we are concerned. Everyone can be who they want to be when it comes to gender and sexuality, and other people don’t need to have an opinion about it. If the Bible does say anything about sexuality and gender, it is only the opinion of the writers based on the culture and biases of their day. Jesus was never recorded as having spoke about it, so it must not have been a big thing to him. If someone has a problem with another persons gender or sexual identity that is on them, and it means they need to grow deeper in their theological and world view.

In fact, to bring the whole thing around full circle, when many LGBTQ people are asked how they identify their sexual identity, they simply respond “I am”…

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