Calling all ambassadors 🙂 As a relatively new movement, Jesism thrives on the support of everyone who finds value in it. There is little doubt that the Jesus movement is heading in this direction, but the paradigms of some seekers may struggle to accept anything that doesn’t have the word Christianity directly stated in it. So therefore it is helpful when good and thoughtful people like you create some safety in numbers through building name recognition and a positive reputation. This can help Jesism come across as the safe and sensible paradigm that it has the potential to be, without being shot down by the ego (in the psychological sense of the word) as a threat to one’s core belief system.

The movement isn’t about any one person or organization, so you can take it and run with it as your own. Feel free to share it, talk about it, and claim it as a beneficial path to you. If you have questions, comments, or would like to share a blog post or testimonial, you can contact us at

Share your excitement for the sensible alternative to mainstream Christianity with a cool new t-shirt. It features the stylish Jesism logo with the “A Fresh Path Forward…” tagline written below the logo.  This comfortable 50% / 50% Poly-Cotton blend will be one of the softest and nicest looking shirts that you own. All profits go back into sharing the philosophy of Jesism with others! (no one get’s paid here). Just click the image below to order. Colors, sizes, and styles are all customizable at the time of ordering.  Click below on either image to customize and order:

Womans Jesism Shirt CaptureMens Jesism Shirt Capture

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