This meme was recently circulating around social media, and it featured a claim by conservatives that Christianity isn’t actually taught in churches. From my perspective however, that is exactly what is taught at churches. An American brand of religion called Christianity that often has little to do with the actual teachings and example of Jesus of Nazareth.  Here’s what I mean:

After the death of Jesus, a wildfire of lore broke out about Jesus. Each of the four canonical gospels painted a fairly different portrait of Jesus, and many other gospels were rejected by the church all together. Then the empire got a hold of it during the days of Emperor Constantine, and creeds were developed. The gospel then became the official religion of the empire, and has been ever since. Messages of simplicity, humility, and forgiveness contradict the empire, so instead the empire focuses on the mythology, and tells the rest of the world that our god is better than yours. It joins closely with nationalism and patriotism to ensure it doesn’t stray too far and become a problem (like Jesus did). That is the kind of religion that is endorsed by the state – and remains in our churches. Safe. Conservative. Controlled.

Jesism gets back to the roots of the examples and teachings of Jesus. If those were the primary focus of the church we might be much better off. Perhaps it’s time for our churches to shift to Jesism and finally just leave the empire’s version of power-Christianity behind…


EricHeadshotBlackBackgroundSmaller2By Eric Alexander


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