Modern Christianity often ignores much of the core teachings and example of Jesus. In fact, it seems to disdain it at times. Simplicity, peace, and humility are looked at as weakness throughout much of the Christian west. But the historical words and example of Jesus revolved around finding joy, gratitude, compassion, peace, non-duality (no separation of God from us), humility, non-attachment, simplicity, and non-judgement. In other words, his main message was about experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven right here on earth. Yet not one of those virtues make it into the primary creeds of mainstream Christianity.

The Christian creeds became all about literally believing the later mythology that developed, and therefore they skipped over the primary messages of Jesus. Luckily, once followers of Jesus can move beyond their fear of Buddhist teachings, we can pick up on so much that mirrors the way of Jesus. In the film, Talking with the Dalai Lama, the Dalai Lama suggested that it is good for people to stay in the tradition of their own culture, and adapt Buddhist mindfulness principles into it instead of feeling like they have to switch to Buddhism or another path. So, for many who were raised or informed by Christianity, the path of Jesism provides a good way to do that.

Jesism is a path that is based on the core messages and primary goal of Jesus, which was to usher in the Kingdom of Heaven to earth, and to help people find life abundant.

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